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EasyMovie is a very light and basic video editor for the Mac.
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EasyMovie is a very light and basic video editor for the Mac. It seems to be based in QuickTime, so it shares some of its limitations, and some of its strong points. For example, the graphical user interface is minimal, which might be an advantage to some. It is very fast, too. However, it has a very limited format support. Thus, unless you install a component like Perian, this app will be worthless for formats like AVI, XviD, DivX, and the like.

There are only a couple of things this editor can do. You can trim videos and resize them. The resize dialog lets you resize a movie to a specified resolution or to a percentage of the original. After you are done editing your clip, you can save it in many formats, including MPEG-4 and H.264, with profiles for iPhones and iPods.

EasyMovie can also be used as a movie player, albeit a rather simple one.

The trial version of EasyMovie has some limitations in place. You can't save movies, or export clips over 5 seconds. Also there is a nag screen that pops up when you launch the application.

In short, EasyMovie is a working video player and editor with very basic functionality and not-so-good format support.

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  • It works


  • The trial is very limited
  • Bad format support



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