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Free Easy Time Planner is designed to help you organize your activities.
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As the program's name clearly suggests, Easy Time Planner is designed to help you organize your activities. It allows you to schedule the tasks you need to accomplish at a specific date and time, so, you won't miss important events and activities. With a clear and concise overview of the tasks you need to complete, you will work more efficiently and manage to solve the crucial issues in due time.

The utility has a clean and easy-to-use interface, divided into four clearly defined panels that let you see at a glance all the information that you need about your planned activities. You have the ability to filter your notes by date and category for a more convenient task navigation. Configuring new tasks is done easily - all you need to do is enter the name of your task, assign a category, set the date and the time of occurrence, and write down your comments. You can re-edit an existing task at any moment, so you can assign it to another category, schedule it differently, and add new notes. The tool allows you to configure as many categories as you want, attach icons to your categories, and apply favorite and suggestive colors. This way, you will search for specific tasks more easily at a later time.

All in all, this application offers a simple and efficient way to organize your activities. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide you with reminders and alarms to not miss the planned events.

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Review summary


  • Good task organizer
  • Date and category filters
  • Clear overview upon the planned tasks
  • Easy configuration of task categories
  • Ca reedit tasks and categories


  • The free version annoys you with ads when configuring tasks
  • No reminders, no alarms



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