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Easy Spend Log 2.0

You know how much you make, but do you really know how you spend it?
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You know how much you make, but do you really know how you spend it? The first step in managing your finances is knowing how you actually spend your money.
How much did you spend eating out last month? How many little items did you buy for your household? What percentage of your spending is on the rent or mortgage? Easy Spend Log was designed to answer these kinds of questions and to put you in control of your spending.
Quickly and easily enter in your daily receipts from cash, check, and debit/credit card spending. At the end of the month import an export of your bank entries and find out where your money really went.
Advanced importing allows you to see what items are to be imported and flags potential duplicates. Set the location or category for individual items or ignore items completely.
Accounts keeps the spending separate for different locations, family members, or any other way you wish to establish accounts.
Common household spending categories are built in, potential duplicate entries detected as you type, easily search by amount, category, location, or details. All entries are saved automatically.
An instant summary by category is shown for the past 12 months with percent of spending for the month and past year. Quickly see the details by double-clicking an entry in the summary.
Import and export .CSV files. Sync with Easy Spend Log on other Mac OS X or iOS devices to get a household picture of spending.
Managing your money is not something you do for a few months, it's something you do for a lifetime. Easy Spend Log can be a big part of that.

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