EarMaster School

EarMaster School 5.0

EarMaster is a complete and powerful ear trainer for all musicians at any level.

EarMaster 5 will help you develop your aural skills and practice music theory with 651 musical training lessons, from beginner level to very advanced. You will learn to identify, transcribe and play intervals, chords, scales, modes, rhythms and melodies.
Thanks to the on-screen staff, piano, guitar, bass, violin, and most other string instruments, you will experience how ear training can become easy and fun. You can either let the EarMaster Tutors (standard or jazz ear training) guide you through the lessons, or set up your own ear training exercises to train according to your very own needs. EarMaster supports the Kodaly method as it includes the movable do solfege system (with the solfege syllables do, re, mi, etc.).

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