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Wireless Spectrum Analyzer software tool designed to work with the MetaGeek Wi-SpyTM.
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EaKiu for OSXTM and EaKiu Remote for iPhoneTM are Wireless Spectrum Analyzer software tools designed to work with the MetaGeek Wi-SpyTM series of wireless USB hardware spectrum analyzers (visit www.metageek.net).
EaKiu software tools support the entire MetaGeek product line which includes the Original Wi-Spy (2.4 GHz), the Wi-Spy 2.4x (2.4 GHz), the Wi-Spy 2.4i (2.4 GHz), the Wi-Spy 900x (800 and 900 Mhz), and the Wi-Spy DBx (2.4 and 5.0 GHz).

EaKiu for OSX offers a number of views of the wireless spectrum including Linear, 3D Spectrum, and 3D Interactive graphs. Recording is supported as well as playback of MetaGeek style CSV file formats.

EaKiu has a rich feature set that includes many unique capabilities:

Full 32/64 Carbon/Cocoa Universal Binary
Use any MetaGeek Wi-Spy USB device
Reads multiple devices simultaneously
Identify nearby wireless networks
2D Spectrum, 2D Chart, and 3D views
Density Histogram Display
Custom profiles for some Wi-Spy devices
Tracks Current, Average, and Maximum
Shows Short and Long Term Peaks
Chart/3D hold up to 5000 samples/device
CSV file recording and playback of data
Snapshot screen images in TGA format
Client/Server allows remote viewers
3D views can be rotated, panned, scaled
openGL used for fast spectrum rendering
Compatible with EaKiu Remote for iPhone

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