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e-CryptIt Engine 13.1

REALbasic encryption, encoding, hashing...
13.1 (See all)

REALbasic addon allows for encryption and encoding, compression, checksum and hashing facilities. Supports e-CryptIt Encryption, Blowfish strong encryption, Twofish strong encryption, AES strong encryption, Serpent strong encryption, BinHex encode/decode, Base64 encode/decode, MacBinary III encode/decode, AppleSingle/Double Encode and decode, UUEncode and UUDecode, yEnc encode/decode, eCryptIt- Flexible encoding and decoding, Zip compression on strings, Zip compression on file streams (.z), CRC16 checksums, CRC32 checksums, Adler32 checksums, MD5 hashing, SHA hashing, SHA1 hashing, SHA_256 hashing, SHA_384 hashing, SHA_512 hashing, HMAC-SHA keyed hashing, HMAC-MD5 keyed hashing, HMAC-SHA-256 keyed hashing, HMAC-SHA-384 keyed hashing, HMAC-SHA-512 keyed hashing. The plugin works on MacOS Classic, MacOS X PPC, MacOS X x86, Windows and Linux systems.
What's new in this version:
Added ZipArchive abstract class. Added ZipArchiveReader class.
Added ZipArchiveWriter class.
Added support for RIPEMD 256.
Added support for RIPEMD 320. ...

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