DX7 Librarian

DX7 Librarian 2.2

Manages voice data for Yamaha DX7 synthesizers.
2.2.1 (See all)
Work with voice tracks and elements managed in the Yamaha DX7 synthesizers by opening them in the dedicated editor connected to the selected device over MIDI. Cutting, mixing and normalizing the voice data is possible along with online uploads and downloads.

DX7 Librarian is a Macintosh program for managing voice data for DX7 synthesizer.
Any voice parameter can be changed on Editor window having direct connection with DX7 over MIDI.

If your Macintosh have a connection with the Internet, you can access to “DX7 Librarian Official Database”.
Double clicking on a file in Database window, you can get the voice file on your Mac!
As you can see in the voice list here, the total number of registered voices is 14597 as of today.

You can submit your original voice file via e-mail just by choosing Submit item in File menu. Then the file will be appended into the Database within a few days.

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