DVDxDVPro 3.6

DVDxDVPro is a professional video extraction application.
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If you are looking for a feature-rich and flexible video extraction tool, then a great solution is offered by the DVDxDVPro application.
The handy DVDxDVPro application was especially developed to help video professionals manage their video editing tasks. This convenient piece of software will also allow you to quickly extract high quality audio from your DVDs. The feature-rich DVDxDVPro will allow you to extract video from DVDs while preserving the native interlaced format of original content, thus making it perfectly suited for video production tasks. You will also be able to convert the DVD content to MP4 format, which is supported by almost all iDevices. Another great feature of the DVDxDVPro program is the fact that it allows you to automatically break up large movie files into multiple smaller parts thus allowing you to easily share them over the Internet or upload on various websites. The dependable DVDxDVPro utility also provides some other very useful features that will help you with your video management tasks, like: movie cropping, 1080i HD Output, widescreen 16:9 resizing, 16/24 bit audio extraction, selection of video output size, and many more.

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