DVD Slideshow Maker Pro 3.0

This app helps you create movie-like slideshows out of media files.
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DVD Slideshow Maker Pro is an application that helps you create movie-like slideshows out of media files. In other words, with this tool you can bind video, image, and audio files to make original and exquisite DVD slideshows which you can share with your friends and family. In this regard, the app provides you with the necessary means either to burn your project to DVD disc or to directly export your original creation to social networks and online sharing websites.

The program comes with a modern, yet rather sober interface. At first, you may find it difficult to manage, since it isn't intuitive enough and not as user-friendly as most similar programs. I personally had to run it several times to discover the program's functions and how to use them.

Loading existing media files is done exclusively by browsing through your computer, as the drag-and-drop method isn't supported. However, you will appreciate that you can record a video file with a webcam and use it as source for your slideshow. You have the ability to adjust the volume of the recording or turn it to mute. In addition, you can save an audio recording from your microphone and use it as a voice narration over a running slideshow. Once all files are inserted, the utility shows you the length of the whole project. Unfortunately, the input video files can only be used with their original length, since a cutting feature isn't provided. So, if you want your movie slideshow to last less, you need to prepare your material before importing it into the program. Yet, you can make some adjustments. They are brightness, contrast, and saturation settings of video and photo files. These features can be applied only on each file separately, since a batch editing mode is not provided either.

The video and image files can be joined by nice transition effects. You can set them to fade in or fade out, and control their duration on the screen. In addition, you can overlay texts on the running slideshow. In this regard, the app comes with up to twelve different templates to choose from. The text is customizable in terms of colors, fonts, size, and fade effects. There is a preview that enables you to see in real time the changes you made to the original.

As I mentioned above, you can add music or voice to your video and photo slideshow. You may adjust the sound loudness, as well as trim part of a song. Yet, the audio feature can be used together with photo files and mute videos only. Since the sound of a video file can't be cut off, mixing an audio file with a video soundtrack will end up in a disaster.

A good thing about this program is that it allows you to save your unfinished project and resume it later for further enhancement. At the end, you can add the DVD menu. Then, you can save your creation as a DVD folder or burn it directly to disc. Furthermore, you can upload it to iTunes, Facebook, and YouTube to share your memories and experiences with other people.

In conclusion, with this app you can bind video, audio, and image files to create original slideshows that can be stored on DVDs or easily exported to sharing sites. Personally, I wasn't very much impressed by the program's features. Most of them are ordinary and the editing functions are few. The thing I appreciate the most is the ability to take instant video and audio recordings and use them as sources for your slideshow project.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Supports video, audio, and image files as input for creating slideshows
  • Can overlay text
  • Can add music background
  • Can burn the project directly to DVD disc


  • Can't load the input files by using drag-and-drop
  • Rather pricey, considering the features provided
  • Reduced number of transition effects



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