Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Cleaner 2.6

Automatically compare digital photos, find duplicates and show the best shot
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Automatically compare digital photos, find duplicates and highlight photo differences.
Unlike similar products, Duplicate Photo Cleaner does not just look for exact duplicates. Instead, it analyzes and recognizes an photo's content, and groups pictures that look alike. You can specify the level of similarity that is sufficient to consider photos to be duplicates. View them side-by-side or see the top ten similar photos and keep the best one!

Duplicate Photo Cleaner works on a methodology called "Content-Based Image Retrieval", or "CBIR" for short. Using CBIR the actual image contents are analyzed for RGB color component changes. This information is used to compare to other processed images. Photos with similar contents are presented side-by-side in a comparison report. This is very useful for photographers with lots of photos which may have been cropped, reduced in size, etc.

With Duplicate Photo Cleaner you will save a hours of your time! Don't even think about refining your photo collection manually, Duplicate Photo Cleaner program will do it for you.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is able to find duplicate photos and similar images of different formats, such as in RAW, JPEG, J2K, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, TGA and many others. The list of supported photo files is updated with new formats regularly. Regardless of the file type, the program will find duplicates incredibly quickly.

And you can test Duplicate Photo Cleaner for FREE, just give it a try today and we hope it becomes a good tool for you and your friends.

Find duplicate photos even if some of them are of different resolution or even rotated - Duplicate Photo Cleaner will find them anyway.

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