Duplicate Photo Cleaner 7.18

Find duplicate image files using different scan modes.
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Duplicate Photo Cleaner can find similar image files you keep on your storage devices, thus contributing to a better organization and recovery of a lot of space. The tool has an intuitive interface and you just need to follow the suggested steps. Moreover, the app comes with an excellent user guide that leaves no unanswered questions.

One of the main characteristics of this product is that it supports different types of scan. In Standard mode, which is the most frequently used type, you just pick the desired folder and let the app search for duplicates. There is also the Sector Detail scan, which allows selecting a portion of the source image to find similarities in other picture files. Although it is the most precise, it certainly takes a lot longer. The Same Subject scan, in turn, lets you pick a source image to scan the selected folder in search for other pictures with a similar subject. There is the Folder Comparison mode, in which you select two folders to be compared against each other and is used mainly for folder backup and merge. Finally, there is one mode called Photo Scan, specifically meant to work with the images stored in your photo library.

Unlike other tools, which use mainly file properties as the basis for comparison, Duplicate Photo Cleaner actually 'sees' the visual content to find similarities. Thus, it can find matching photos, even when they are stored in different file formats. Likewise, if you activate grayscale comparison, it disregards color differences and looks for similar patterns only. more

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  • Actually compares file contents
  • Supports various scan modes
  • Supports multiple picture formats
  • Allows various ways to preview the results
  • Protects the original files from accidental deletion
  • Allows saving scan results


  • Some types of scans can take a lot of time


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