DSMidiWifi 1.02

DSMidiWifi is a program tha works as a DSMI Server for Mac OSX.

DSMidiWifi is a DSMI Server for OSX. Mobile devices like the DS and iPhone have become very popular in the world of digital music since they allow for making and interacting with music without sitting in front of your computer. There are complete composition studios for both the DS and the iPhone, but there's also a lot of software for controlling synthesizers and other music software in live performances. The problem with these is is that most music software is controlled via the rather dusty MIDI standard which is not designed for wireless communication. Thus, developers have to invent their own workarounds for using MIDI over Wifi. DSMI is an easy to use library that spares developers this trouble and allows you to focus on your application. The DSMI server running on your computer receives MIDI commands and feeds them to your MIDI applications. DSMI is available as an open source library for the DS and the iPhone. The DSMI server is available for all three major operating systems and it's open source as well.

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