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Free Create online collections of contents to share with others.
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Dropmark is a client app that lets you share different types of contents with others. In this regard, the tool is powered by the Cloud service with the same name. Although it is not indispensable as you could still access Dropmark services from any browser, it certainly simplifies sharing the desired contents.

The application is rather small and runs almost unnoticeable from the Menu Bar. So, there is not much you should do to share something: just drag and drop it onto the app’s icon there. This kind of operation works perfectly for almost everything you may think of sharing. For instance, it lets you upload internet links, entire websites, media files and many others. You will not need to worry about anything else as the synchronization with the Cloud happens automatically.

An important element of Dropmarks is collections, which are sort of folders that help you catalog contents. Thus, the application lets you manage your collections with ease, so you can easily rename, edit or delete them. Collections can be made public or otherwise remain private. Public collections, as you probably guessed, are available for anyone. There is the possibility of sending a short link via email to those you want to share the contents with. Then, depending on the type of contents, they can be viewed as slideshows or presentations.

All in all, there are different uses you can give to Dropmark. Most of them are recreational, like sharing photographs or video with your family and friends. However, it does have an important value for educational projects. For instance, teachers could use it to share materials with their students. Reversely, students may upload the results of their work to make them available for their tutors and peers. Regrettably, Dropmark does not support task management, which would give it extra collaborative usefulness. Luckily, Dropmark lets you have a free account that can store up to 250 Mb of data. Should you need more, you can purchase one of their Pro accounts allowing 50 Gb of storage.

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  • Supports sharing many types of contents
  • Organizes contents into collections
  • Various ways to view collections
  • Private and public collections
  • Drag-and-drop support
  • Automatic synchronization


  • No task management support



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