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DropKey lets you encrypt and send files via email.
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DropKey is an application for Mac users who need to securely share files via email. This small Menu Bar app immediately encrypts and sends your email attachments to any selected recipient without the need for an access password.

Once you launch the program, a new icon appears on your Menu Bar. From there you can configure DropKey's settings according to your needs and select the files you wish to attach to your emails. This application communicates well with Mac's Address Book and Email tools, so you need to grant DropKey's access to these two applications before sending emails to other users.

You can configure the program from the Preferences menu to automatically encrypt files (after you drop them on the app's interface) and set the default encryption action ("Encrypt" and "Send or Encrypt").

Still, this application brings some important disadvantages: you can't recover forgotten access passwords and the recipients must use this app too in order to check the email attachments.

To be honest, my belief is that you can find better ways to secure your email attachments. The aforementioned flaws are the reasons why I would prefer trying more advanced encryption tools.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Helps you encrypt and send files via email
  • Communicates well with Mac Email and Address Book apps


  • Unable to recover forgotten access passwords
  • The recipients must use this app as well
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