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Drop Secure Pro™ is an easy-to-use personal encryption utility
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Drop Secure Pro™ is an easy-to-use personal encryption utility that uses multiple encryption ciphers to secure a file in a way that is a little different. You can quickly and simply encrypt and compress files by just dragging and dropping the files on the drop secure window.

Drop Secure Pro™ starts by dividing up the file into small chunks. By default, those chunks are 256 bytes long. Each chunk is encrypted with a separate cipher, using a separate password that is derived from a hash of information provided by the user, from the archive, and from the data being encrypted. This password is used only once for that one chunk of data, and then discarded.
The chunks of data are placed in an archive file, with pertinent information encrypted again as a group.
This increases security over most other encryption utilities. For example - a 1 megabyte file will encrypt four thousand 256 byte chunks of data. Each chunk is encrypted with a different password and one of a range of ciphers. To compromise a single chunk of data, a hacker would have to guess the encryption algorithm employed, and then break the encryption by a brute force attack. If he succeeds, the hacker would only have 1/4000th of the data, and would have no advantage when it comes to attempting to break the other 3999 chunks.
When you compare this to encrypting a file with other encryption utilities, you would see it takes the same amount of effort to crack their entire file as it does to crack a single chunk of 256 bytes of data -Drop Secure Pro™ uses.
AES, 3DES, Blowfish, and many other encryption algorithms are supported.

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