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Free Digital Performer supports software-based control surfaces.
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Digital Performer supports software-based control surfaces, but it has very specific requirements as to the naming of the virtual MIDI ports that can be used. DSMidiWifi did not meet those requirements, so AC-7 and AC-7 Pro could not be used with DP.

Furthermore, AC-7 Pro requires the use of an app called MidiPipe, and a special patch file for it, which converts the system exclusive MIDI messages defined by the Mackie Control into messages that can be carried over the DSMidiWifi connection.

This Bridge app is a simple utility that not only allows DP to work with DSMidiWifi, but also does the same conversions that the MidiPipe patch is used for. The result is a tool that can be used to bridge between DP and DSMidiWifi, so that the AC-7 and AC-7 Pro apps can be used with DP.

In addition, the bridge also has support for auto-launching DSMidiWifi, and optionally also DP itself, so that one "dock click" can get you up and running.

Note that the most reliable way to get AC-7 Pro working with DP is to launch the AC-7 Pro app on the iPad after DSMidiWifi has launched on the Mac, and before DP has completely finished launching. For best results, startup the AC-7 right after DSMidiWifi is launched.

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