Dora's Ballet Adventures

Dora's Ballet Adventures 1.7

Dora's Ballet Adventures is an interactive storytelling adventure.
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Dora's Ballet Adventures is an interactive storytelling adventure. Dora’s dance class is getting ready for a special dance recital and her whole family’s there to watch her perform. They just need to wait for the Delivery Duck to deliver their ballet slippers. But the Delivery Duck brings scuba flippers instead of ballet slippers. Dora and Boots must get the slippers before the recital begins.

This interactive episode brings the experience of reading, watching, and playing together in one fun-filled app. The app features activities, animation, songs, and is narrated by Dora herself.

Kids can use touch controls to make Dora dance like a bunny, make animal sounds using the built-in microphone, play music and learn about instruments, and help Dora dance during the big show.

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