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Protect your privacy. Stop companies from tracking your browsing and sending you spam email.
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The average internet user has their browsing history tracked 160 times per day. What does that mean? - Almost every website you visit tracks and records your activity and sells your data to other companies. - Every time you give a website your real email address, it makes you easier to track. - LivingSocial, Adobe, Zappos, Facebook, Citigroup, and many more websites were hacked in 2013, representing over 200 million customers' data lost (emails, passwords, credit cards, and more). *DoNotTrackMe: How It Works* - By adding DoNotTrackMe, you will effortlessly block more than 600 tracking companies from seeing which sites you visit, articles you read, videos you watch, purchases you make, and more. - No registration required! If you want to stop your email from being tracked, just provide your email address the next time you visit an email form (see screenshot). After that, you'll never have to give out your email ever again. - Advanced Premium features ($5/mo.) allow you to protect more private information by creating one-time use, private credit cards when you shop online and providing you a private phone number. Note: If you don't want to stop email tracking and spam from email form fields, you can turn this off by going to the DoNotTrackMe icon in your browser, clicking Settings, and unchecking "Don't track my email".
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