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Online backup service for people who love Mac.
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DollyDrive is an online backup service for people who love Mac. From your very first backup, Dolly Drive automagically uploads your most important files - your documents, pictures, videos, music, and more. Dolly is default set to include your iPhoto, iMovie, and iTunes folders. Dolly also offers unlimited versioning, meaning it saves every version of every backup giving you access to any version of any file, at any time, going back to the very first backup. Dolly's backup inclusions include your Sync folder, so that anything you access across your devices via Dolly Sync is being backed up too. Go back in time to retrieve past versions of synced files. Not all Sync services give you that. Dolly does. Access your stuff anywhere - Dolly's Sync & Space sets your work free to be anywhere you are - on your iPhone, iPad, your second computer, or any browser around the world. You no longer need to carry your stuff around - you just access it when you want it.
Note: You must first sign up to use DollyDrive. The published price is that of a "Standard" plan (per month). Prices can be found here.



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