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Your personal document lock box on the Mac, iPad and PC.
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DocWallet is your personal document lock box on the Mac, iPad and PC. All data is encrypted and securely stored (tested by Fraunhofer AISEC). So your documents always remain confidential.
* Securely synchronize your folders and documents
* Read, save and manage Adobe PDF documents
* Use multiple formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, photos and more
* Organize your documents as desired
Whether for everyday use or for emergencies, whether private or for business: Your confidential documents are clearly organized and securely stored in DocWallet. Bank and tax documents. Contracts and insurance policies. Certificates and diplomas. Wills and powers of attorney. Photos and diaries. Medical records and medical results. DocWallet securely stores everything under lock and key.
++++ NOTE: In order to use DocWallet on an iPad or PC, you will need desktop software in addition to the Mac app. You can download this for free in the App Store and from and install it on your iPad or PC. ++++
At no point in time is your data visible to others, thanks to high-security, end-to-end encryption. DocWallet enables the confidential transmission and management of critical information - both on the Internet and on a mobile basis. For the first time, those sworn to secrecy, such as physicians, attorneys, politicians and social insurers, who fall under § 203a of the German Criminal Code, get secure mobile use and document exchange on the iPad, Mac and PC. All data are synchronized by a central server at Deutsche Post AG in Germany, to only be used by end devices you have authorized.
If you purchase an in-app feature from DocWallet for a 12-month term, you can synchronize your documents over multiple devices. This is not a subscription.
After the feature expires, you can still access documents, email attachments, etc. in DocWallet as before, only the synchronization will be limited. By purchasing a new in-app feature, you can activate this functionality again at any time.
A small request: Because we are unable to respond directly to your feedback in comments and reviews, we would appreciate it if you could send your suggestions directly to before giving us a poor rating. We will respond to you directly and provide a solution.
Thank you. We wish you much enjoyment and success with DocWallet.
You can find us on Facebook:
on Twitter: | @DocWallet
and on the Internet at
DocWallet is a service of ©Deutsche Post AG. All rights reserved.

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