Doctor Who - City Of The Daleks

Doctor Who - City Of The Daleks 1.10

This is another title in the series of downloadable games for Doctor Who.
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The Adventure Games are a series of downloadable games for Doctor Who. These games are free to download and install in the UK.
In the games you play as the Doctor and take part in an adventure which will require you to solve puzzles, defeat monsters, and explore locations in time and space.

In City Of The Daleks, the TARDIS materializes in 1963 to find the human race crushed by the Daleks. The Doctor embarks on a quest to the Dalek planet to correct time and save the last survivor of Humanity - Amy Pond! This is your chance to be the Doctor. Are you ready for the challenge?

The games are completely free for people resident in the UK. They have been built to be played by the Doctor Who family audience. Children as young as 8+ will be able to enjoy playing the Doctor.

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