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Check previews of all opened app windows.
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Hover your mouse cursor, preview all windows of opened applications and select a necessary one. Personalize the table, change the size, colour and position of windows and ignore minimized or hidden tools. Set keyboard shortcuts, apply filters, and so on.

DockView is a simple-to-use desktop application that will allow you to extend the Dock's functionality. What is great about DockView is the fact that it allows you to preview the Dock items content whenever you hover the mouse over them or use the Command+Tab shortcut. This function is especially useful since it allows you to quickly visualize the windows you have currently opened and easily find and access the window you are in need by clicking anywhere on the preview to activate it. Since the window preview refreshes constantly you can monitor them without activating them. DockView also allows you to customize the preview size and choose from six different styles. Another interesting feature provided by this handy piece of software is the fact that it can badge Dock icons with the number of windows that each application has opened. Moreover, DockView is also able to display the space number to which a window belongs and easily close windows that you don't need anymore.

To sum it all up, DockView is a Dock functionality enhancement utility that will allow you to quickly visualize your open windows and access or close them.

Mario Procione
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  • Highly customizable
  • Feature-rich
  • Intuitive


  • The application has no interface, except the Preferences window
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