DocHaven 6.0

Create an online storage for your documents.

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Organize a library for standard documents, electronic books, and similar files. Generate a folder in an online environment and add or remove items at will. Automatically backup all the information on a server to restore a lost, incorrectly edited or damaged file.

Note: DocHaven is free to download and use, but since it stores lots of data on the HMS server there is a rental charge for continued use. This charge is $9 per user per month or $99 per user per year.
DocHaven is a cloud-based library for your documents. You run it as an alternative to the normal folders on your PC or file server. Your documents are permanently backed up. You take them out of the cloud as you need them, then put them back into the cloud when you have finished with them.
You can store any kind of document in these 'Projects'. Once a Project is back in the cloud it can be taken out by others in your group.
Each time a person tries to take out a Project they are verified. They must be either the owner of the Project or a member of the group to which the Project belongs.
DocHaven meets the 3-2-1 rule for data Backups:
Your files are in three places 1) your DocHaven folder, 2) the cloud, and 3) your cloud backup. At least three copies, at least two different media, and at least one of the copies is offsite. Plus DocHaven also gives you extra assurance with multiple versions on the cloud and in your backups. Use the Backup window to create an on-site record of all your cloud projects and project meta-data.
DocHaven, like the other HMS Cloud products, stores your data on the HMS servers, so you can share your documents with any other users world-wide.

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