DNSChanger Removal Tool

DNSChanger Removal Tool 2.0

Finds and removes the DNSChanger Trojan Horse.
Repair your Mac device by checking the system for the presence of the DNSChanger Trojan Horse files affecting the performance, accessibility, and optimization. The utility checks all installed codecs and identifies the fake ones created by the malware.

The DNSChanger Trojan Horse, also known as OSX.RSPlug.A and OSX/Puper, has been found on numerous pornographic websites disguising itself as a video codec. Once downloaded and installed, DNSChanger changes the DNS settings on the computer, redirecting websites entered by the user to malicious sites. If personal information is entered on these malicious websites, it can lead to identity theft. Upon launching DNSChanger Removal Tool, click the Scan button to scan for the DNSChanger trojan horse. DNSChanger Removal Tool will scan your computer for the DNSChanger trojan horse, and alert you if it is detected. If the DNSChanger trojan horse is detected, DNSChanger Removal Tool will give you the option to remove it. If the DNSChanger trojan horse is detected and removed, you will need to restart your computer to clear out the bad DNS entries added by the DNSChanger Trojan Horse.

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