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DivX Player is a video player and converter for the Mac.
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DivX Player is a video player and converter for the Mac. It is made by the company that owns the DivX format and it also includes a free trial of a DivX converter. The player plays DivX, MP4, MOV, and WMV videos. It does have support for subtitle files, but the popular .SRT format does not seem to be supported.

The player itself is very basic. By default, when you launch DivX player, all other screens will fadeout and any monitors will go black, supposedly to make the viewing experience smoother and easier on the eye. It also hides the dock, even when you are not playing in full screen. This seemed a little intrusive to me and generated a bad first impression. This can be disabled from the settings, though.

When you are playing video with this app and not doing anything with the player, the video quality is good. Videos keep a good frame rate and audio doesn't skip or anything at all. But every time I switched to full screen or back to a small screen, the video started to halt and the frame rate was horrible. Maybe the fading-out of the screen did that.

Another thing I absolutely dislike about this app is that it doesn't feel native to Mac OS X at all. Even opening a file has a weird vibe. You don't get to use the standard Finder screen to find your files. If you are a Windows user you will probably not mind it, but DivX Player still has a lot of work to do to appeal Mac users, especially when we have VLC and Movist.

José Fernández
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  • Support for most video codecs
  • Free trial of a video converter
  • You can stream video to other devices


  • Not native at all
  • It feels slow at times
  • Intrusive
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