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Disk Doctor 3.2

Free up disk space.
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Free up tons of disk space with Disk Doctor by removing gigabytes of cached and unneeded files from your hard drive.
With one press of a button, Disk Doctor can empty the following:
- Applications Caches:
Caches speed up your apps. However, some apps don't delete their caches, leading to many unused files building up on your disk.
- Application Logs:
Some of your applications automatically create log files that can end up becoming quite large.
- Language Packs:
Some applications come with resources for other languages (eg. Spanish, French, German). These resources take up space on your disk. Choose what languages you want to remove.
- Mail Downloads Folder:
Mail attachments get saved to your hard drive when they are opened. Please take a look in this folder before deciding whether you want to empty it.
- Downloads Folder:
The downloads folder can become very large as all your downloads build up here. Please view the folder before deciding to empty it.
- Trash Can:
Empty your trash can to prevent unneeded files taking up space.
What's new in this version:
- Performance enhancements
- Minor bug fixes
- Support added for upcoming OS X release

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