Discipline 1.3

Time management app that helps you manage your day to day time and track your productive, breaks and wasted time.
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Hamid Alipour

Discipline is a time management app that helps you manage your day to day time and track your productive, breaks and wasted time. It's an app that will help you gain perspective on how you spend your time.
Discipline has powerful natural language translation. When creating a new activity, in the activity name text field type:
Work on X 8pm tomorrow for 4 hours
Study X from 2pm to 1am tomorrow
Study X at 2pm for 30 mins every day
Study X at 2pm for 1 hour every monday
Study X at 2pm until done
And Discipline will understand and update the dialog box as you type.
✸ Features:
* Not a calendar.
Convenient one click access from the menu bar.
Natural language translation.
Customizable global shortcuts.
Repeating activities.
Activities that are inside other activities.
Track productive, break and wasted times.
Track minute to minute time.
Track app usage time. (App tracking works when you are working on an activity)
View stats per project or per activity.
Export your productive time.
Notification and notification center integration. (10.8.0+)
Play sound for notifications.
Reminders using notification center and sound.
Mark your time and find out how much time a certain task takes to complete.
Time graph of past 24 hours.
Time graph of past 30 days.
Fully supports the new Retina display with high quality graphics.
No dock icon.
Launch at login.
* Discipline is not another calendar app and to find out how it works go ahead and install it and after the installation is complete, run Discipline, then click on the plus button (+) and add a new activity. Don’t edit it’s ‘From’ time and set it’s ‘To’ time to 2 hours from now and save it. Discipline will start tracking your time and will show you graphs on how you spend your time.
Please note that you can add activities inside other activities, for example if you want to read a certain book every day for 30 minutes, add a new activity and name it something like “Read X” then set it to repeating and select the days you would like it to repeat and finally save it. From now on Discipline will keep track of this activity and the time you spend on it. Later if you add another activity on top of this one, say work on a project for 6 hours, Discipline will place “Read X” activity inside this new activity so you won’t miss it.
For feature requests and bug reports use the support link to the right. If you like the app please consider rating it below.

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