DiscCloud 3.0

Use Amazon EC3 as a virtual desktop cloud service for OS X clients.
3.0 (See all)

DiscCloud virtualized Mac desktops inherit advanced features of popular virtualization platforms such as automated backup, high availability, storage scalability, desktop mobility, and desktop disaster recovery. Cloudified desktops can be accessed from any Mac client on the network. Mac Desktops running in the cloud can be accessed over Wide Area Network (Internet) connections and deliver exception performance. Supports Mac desktop delivery from private or public cloud. Cloudified desktops reside in the DiscCloud on Amazon compute cloud.
What's new in this version:
Token access to Amazon Cloud. Supports iCal, iTunes, iPhoto, Time Machine and entire Mac desktop hosting on Amazon Cloud for High Performance, Highly Available, backup, recovery, zero IT administration solution for professionals and small businesses.

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