DirectorySync 1.4

DirectorySync is a directory synchronizing and backup utility.
1.4 (See all)
Codehead, LLP

DirectorySync – simply select your Source Directory (the directory you want to work in) and up to two other destination directories to sync with (such as a networked machine, external hard drive, memory card, home server, etc.) and any changes you make from within the Source Directory will automatically sync with those additional directories each time you save your work.

DirectorySync is a directory synchronizing and backup utility providing automated, real-time syncing and scheduled, configurable backups at an affordable price. It differs from other directory and file syncing utilities in that it actually senses changes in real time, as you save your work, and quickly synchronizes only the changed/new files and directories with an external drive, a memory stick or a shared directory on a server, ensuring incredibly fast and efficient performance.

Sync your folders and directories with up to 2 other directories, it's like saving your work in 3 places rather than 1 and it all happens automatically, no scheduling is needed, DirectorySync senses your changes and syncs your changes in the background in real time.

You can also backup your directories in compressed format to save space. Backups are configurable with scheduling options and more.

Your destination directories which we call "mirror directories" can be on your local hard drive, a memory card, a USB stick, an external hard drive, a network drive, a shared file server or even a shared folder on another computer, no matter what operating system, assuming you have write permissions to that folder.

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