DirectGuitar 2.1

9GB Direct recorded for amp simulator
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Pettinhouse DirectGuitar 2.0 special Christmas offer: If you buy it until the end of the year you will receive DirectBass lite for free, a direct recorded bass sample library for amp simulator. What is DirectGuitar? DirectGuitar 2.0 is an innovative 9Gb electric guitar sample library for NI Kontakt 2-3 direct recorded for amp simulation. The electric guitar has been recorded directly to the sound card exactly like when you plug a real electric guitar into it. With DirectGuitar 2.0 you can add your favorite amp simulator and shape the sound as you wish. Each selector is 1.2 Gb and about 720 samples at 24Bit 96Khz, including full sustain, natural decay (no loops), 3 velocity layers, round robin for alternate picking. Key switching gives you slides, palm mute, pinch harmonics, tapping, trills, and octave chords. These samples include nuances such as fret noises, hand noises, pick noises, strum noises, cable noises, finger noises.
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Unison bends New tapping Harmonics

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