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Dino Run SE is a horizontal scrolling action game for the Mac.
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Dino Run SE is a horizontal scrolling action game for the Mac. The premise of the game is simple - escape extinction. You control a dinosaur and need to avoid a variety of obstacles to get to the end of each level. If you keep on moving fast enough since the start of the level, you won't have many problems, but if you stay still for a few seconds, you will see a black cloud of rocks and ash coming your way from the left. The game refers to this simply as "doom". When the cloud takes over the screen, you are doomed, and you lose. You can replay the level a few times before you lose it entirely.

Throughout the level, you will see eggs that you need to save and small animals that you can run over for points. There are a few extras that you can achieve by doing specific things. There is an extra called "Doom surf extra". It gives you points for being too close to the doom cloud for a few seconds. I didn't try to collect these extra points intentionally, since one little missed jump will make you lose, but it is a nice boost when you just barely make it out of the cloud alive.

Dino Run SE can be played by yourself or against up to three opponents over the Internet. There are plenty of customization options for your dino, like different hats and colors.

In conclusion, Dino Run SE is a nice game. It features intentionally pixelated graphics; meaning it was a design choice and not bad design. The graphics are OK, I guess. The game is fun to play and it can get challenging.

JF Senior editor
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A simple game with the right amount of extras. I like this retro style.

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