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Diamond is a document editor for Mac OS X, minimalist in design yet flexible and very powerful, allowing you to create a fully customized user interface, as minimal or as complex as you want. Although on the surface it presents a unique and highly configurable document window, beneath the surface it is a fully equipped Mac application and when editing a document will behave exactly as you expect it to. If your are familiar with editing Rich Text documents in other Mac applications, your are already very familiar with Diamond.
In addition to its own format/extension of .dmd, Diamond reads and writes files in the RTF, RTFD, Text, and MS DOC formats (and more formats are on the way) whether created by Diamond or by other applications, and handles them as any document-based application should, including support for printing, dragging and dropping text, track-pad scrolling, and advanced Apple features such as Expos?, Spotlight, Spaces, and others (for convenience, Diamond's own document format is identical in functionality to RTFD, and can also save text documents with extension.tex for the convenience of those working with the TeX or LaTeX typsetting systems).
Diamond offers complete support for the advanced text & font handling capabilities of Mac OS X, so if you are familiar with editing and styling text in any of the many applications that also implement it (such as TextEdit, Apple Pages, and many others) you will be right at home. Where it differs is in the flexibility of its window and desktop display, allowing you to configure your own unique workspaces tailored to the projects at hand, and ? most significantly ? in the way in which widows scroll horizontally, from column to column, rather than vertically through the entire text of a document. In this behavior it most resembles Amar Sagoo's Tofu, a popular multicolumn text reader but unlike Tofu, Diamond is, as mentioned, a full-featured Rich Text editor as well. Support or Dropbox and Evernote is coming soon. Also, I am working now on porting Diamond to the iPad and iPhone (and rest assured I will not ignore Diamond on the desktop as I develop these supporting products).


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