Diagrammix 2.16

This handy program helps you create diagrams with ease.

Diagrammix is a simple to handle graphic design tool that comes in handy when creating diagrams for school projects or business plans and representations. This program offers you an extensive list of diagram elements and connectors that help you get the results you require with little effort.

The application also gives you access to the plenty of text styles and alignment settings that are very simple to configure. After you adjust the text options according to your needs, the diagram will look more polished and well-organized.

A good thing about working with this application is that it brings you numerous art elements to use for building the diagrams; therefore, you won't waste any time creating new ones since the program already provides you with all the elements you could think of, from geometrical shapes and office images to question marks and arrows.

Once you've finished creating the diagram, you can export it to various image formats at any resolution you like or print it directly from the program's interface.

To conclude, Diagrammix proves to be a great addition to any user's library of programs as it offers a very simple way to build diagrams. You don't require much experience in graphic design, the built-in tools are easy to configure, and the price is affordable.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Gives you access to various diagram elements and connectors
  • Comes with dozens of text style and alignment settings
  • You can export the results to various image formats


  • Couldn't find any disadvantages
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