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Collects, organizes and stores minor information bits.
01 Nov 2022
8 Oct 2014
9 Aug 2012
24 Apr 2010

What's new

v2.4 [9 Aug 2012]
-page documents much more convenient and adds support for OS X 10.8's Calendar and Reminders apps. It also makes importing references from Bookends faster and more reliable. DEVONthink Pro 2.4.2 improves the first launch experience with a new assistant that guides new users through the first steps, as well as better chosen default options. This update is recommended for all users.New
- New scanner/camera feature supports Combine into single document option to easily create named documents with multiple pages. Available for the PDF and TIFF formats; requires OS X 10.7 or later.
- Scripts for adding reminders to OS X 10.8's Calendar and Reminders apps.
- Exporting an image window supports exporting in other formats.
- Delete Database command is now also available in the File menu.
- The fullscreen slideshow can be opened also with ⌥Space.
- Automatic logging of missing files.
- First launch assistant.Improved
- Scripts > Import > References from Bookends is faster, more reliable and retrieves the title of references (requires Bookends 11.3.3 or later).
- Recognition of duplicates.
- Make Rich Text automatically shows the ruler again if it was used the last time.
- Compatibility of RSS style sheets to Retina displays.
- File > Export > as Outliner Processor Markup Language renamed to as OPML and as Rich Text (RTF/RTFD) to as RTF/RTFD Document.
- The kind of PostScript, EPS, and Illustrator documents is shown not just as "PDF" or "PDF+Text".
- .emlx files can be indexed on OS X 10.8 "Mountain Lion" again.
- The new scanner/camera feature's queue cleans up after sending files to DEVONthink Pro.
- Better defaults in Install Add-Ons panel.
- Log panel and issue logging.
- Localized sorting of most views
- Compatibility of web views to web pages using buttons to open new windows.
- 64-bit support.
- Memory management.Fixed
- Various bugs and glitches in the new scanner/camera import function.
- Number of duplicates displayed in Info panel was not always correct.
- Select Group panel does not leave another apps' full screen mode.
- Not all items of the menu Data > New from template were disabled in case of read-only databases.
- Moving items to external folders didn't ignore parent groups in the trash.
- French localization.
- Further minor bugs and glitches.Removed
- Scripts > Reminders > Add as Event to iCal.
- Newspaper RSS style sheet.

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