Device Management Applications 1.0

GUI for Cisco routers & switches
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This is the first series of Device Management Applications from Singlestep Technologies. The device management panels are designed to improve the manageability of select Cisco routers, switches and security devices. The feature set includes the ability to more easily:
Set the status, speed and duplex of one or more Ethernet interfaces Change settings on all interfaces with a single command Monitor traffic across one or more interfaces
This means functionality that generally requires a network engineer or in-depth knowledge of command line access to the Cisco IOS is now available through easy-to-use visual interfaces. And, because the applications are built with VNOS technology, each is a visual representation of the device it manages, and also includes the ability to set policies and automate actions by simply drawing a line between icons on your computer screen.
Panels require VNOS licenses to run, which will be available with a discounted price when a panel is purchased.
The initial feature sets include the ability to: Set unlimited numbers of policies that perform actions on your behalf when certain conditions are met. Change port status, speed, duplexing and other parameters either manually or by policy. Use VNOS's unique visual object oriented toolset to see just the information that is important to you, in just the way that you want to see it. Create multiple panels by simply dragging and dropping one icon, edit the community name and you're up and running. No complex coding or configuration hassles. Combine information from a series of other switches, routers or firewalls and swiftly create custom dashboards that show you just the information you care about.
The first series of panels will support the following devices: Switches: 2950C-24, 2950G-12, 2950G-24, 2950G-48, 2950T-24 Routers: 2610/11, 2610XM/11XM, 2612, 2620/21, 2620XM/21XM 2650/51, 2650XM/51XM



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