DetoxDiskz 1.0

Find and remove Mac files from non-Mac devices.
1.0 (See all)
Search for Mac-only files on the drives and storage units of different platforms. Prevent the broken applications exclusive to one platform from cluttering and obstructing the work of disks, apps, and systems. Detect and delete suspicious and disposable items.

DetoxDiskz removes Mac-only files from non-Mac storage devices:
- Prevents broken Mac applications and files on non-Mac disks.
- Removes disposable 'toxic' invisible Mac-only files from non-Mac disks.
- Auto-archives Mac-only apps and other 'at risk' items.
- Strips disposable Mac-only resource forks from cross-platform files like MP3s, JPEGs, etc.
- Detoxes cross-platform CD/DVD master images.
- Does not modify your Mac's filesystem behavior.
- Will Not modify your Mac format disks. (unless you insist, with Pro version)
- Test Mode previews all Detox actions without modifying anything.

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