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Desktop Saver 1.8

Usejust about any screensaver as your desktop wallpaper.
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Paper Pilots Software

Desktop Saver lets you usejust about any screensaver as your desktop wallpaper.
There are many beautiful screen savers available for OS X. However, screen savers are usually only activated when you're away from your computer. With the Desktop Saver application, you can run almost any screensaver live on your desktop. This lets you enjoy your screen savers while using your computer. We find the Desktop Saver works best with tranquil screen savers such as the Paper Pilots screensaver ( Features: The Desktop Saver does not interfere with the real screensaver (System Preferences). The application lets you run any screensaver on your desktop, not just the screensaver selected in the System Preferences. Hot-spots will still activate the screensaver while Desktop Saver is running. Multi-monitor support lets you run a different screensaver on each monitor's desktop.

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