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DesktopLyrics is a program that displays lyrics on your screen.
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DesktopLyrics is a simple application that displays on your screen the lyrics of the songs played within iTunes. This program comes in handy whenever you wish to throw a karaoke party and helps your guests sing their favorite tunes flawlessly.

A rather disappointing aspect about this desktop app is that it doesn't download and display the lyrics of the songs playing within iTunes. You need to update this information manually or use a third-party application to fetch the lyrics and then DesktopLyrics can show them on your screen once you start playing the tune.

The program gives you access to a wide range of display configurations, such as lyrics screen position, font style and size, alignment, and much more. You can also set the app to display the song info on top of other windows and enable shortcut keys if necessary.

Similar programs communicate with the iTunes app and sync the songs with the lyrics in karaoke mode; this way, you are always aware of the lyrics fragment that you are supposed to sing. Unfortunately, DesktopLyrics doesn't offer you this feature.

To conclude, my belief is that you can find more capable solutions for displaying the lyrics of your favorite tunes.

Ashley Griggs
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  • User-friendly interface
  • Let's you customize the appearance of the displayed text
  • Communicates well with iTunes


  • It neither syncs with the iTunes app nor displays the exact lyrics' position
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