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DesktopLyrics is an app that can display song lyrics on your desktop.
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DesktopLyrics is an app that can display song lyrics on your desktop. This app can display lyrics that are stored in iTunes on any of your monitors. This will not automatically download subtitles from the Internet for any of your songs, though. And to have lyrics on iTunes, you have to either input them manually or install a third-party plug-in that downloads them automatically.

When DesktopLyrics is installed, you can open its preferences to change the way lyrics are displayed. The app does not have a graphical user interface. It only has a preferences pane with a few options. There are four preference tabs: behavior, position, appearance, and hotkeys. From the behavior tab, you set the app to automatically turn multi-page lyrics, to hide lyrics, when iTunes is paused and to start DesktopLyrics with your Mac.

I like the fact that you can set DesktopLyrics to run on any of your system's monitors, you can even set the position and size of the lyrics to fit your current setup. There is also support for Hotkeys that can be used to control DesktopLyrics with your keyboard.

All in all, this app works well, but in my personal case, I rarely look at the desktop when my Mac is on. So possibly I would not like lyrics displayed there. Other users may like this feature more than I do, though.

José Fernández
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  • It works very well


  • Some people might not find it useful if they don't go to the desktop very often
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