DesktopCalendar 0.99

Flexible calendar on your desktop with a lot of preference options.

If you are tired of routinely looking up dates in a calendar, then you should check out DesktopCalendar. The program places a custom and colored monthly calendar on your desktop and displays the today's date in the status/system tray. Everything about this program is customizable through extensive preferences.

There is no installation per se. The program's archive includes 2 options for running the program. The first option runs the program without displaying the today's date in the status/system tray. The second one shows everything. The calendar shows up in the left bottom corner of the screen. However, you can switch to layout mode to move and resize any part of that calendar to your liking.

I'd like to mention that the program's preferences amazed me. It seems you get to control everything in this program: from calendar's transparency to colors and fonts of the dates and number of weeks.

The program comes with two themes, but I can see somewhere on the Internet you can find additional themes. Overall, the idea is great - you get to have a calendar within your reach at any time and it will look exactly how you want it to look. The best feature, it is absolutely free!

Joshua Wrightwood
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