Desktop Tidy

Desktop Tidy 2.0

Maintain a "Shadow Desktop", moving any files found on your actual Desktop.
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Does your Desktop end up cluttered with icons, making your Desktop look untidy and difficult to find the files you really need? The Desktop is a convenient and easily accessed location for saving files, but its difficult to prevent clutter building up. Desktop Tidy can help.

Desktop Tidy maintains a "Shadow Desktop", moving any files found on your actual Desktop and keeping it completely clear. This doesn't mean the files are harder to find because Desktop Tidy provides direct access to the files via a status menu icon, and also helps organise the files with the use of customisable filters. For example, you may only be interested in locating an image that was on your desktop, the built in Images filter will help you locate the file quickly and effortlessly.

Main Features:

- Keep your Desktop completely clear, whilst still having easy access to the files you place on it
- Customisable Quick Filters help you locate files of specific types
- Adjustable Date Filter hides files that haven't been used for a while when browsing the Shadow Desktop
- Grouping and sorting options make locating files quicker still
- Automatic Tidying prevents clutter building up
- Ignore List allows specific files or folders to remain on the Desktop
- Desktop Tidy shows you how much disk space the files in your Shadow Desktop occupy at a glance
- One click restore moves files back to the Desktop and adds them to the Ignore List
- One click function to reveal any file or folder from the Shadow Desktop in Finder
- One click function to move any file or folder from the Shadow Desktop to the Trash
- Growl integration allows Desktop Tidy to keep you informed without getting in the way
- Desktop Tidy can be configured to ignore aliases, folders or hidden files automatically
- Enjoy your Desktop wallpaper again!
- Adjustable overwrite options

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