Discover and analyze various chemistry phenomena.
Density v2.0

What's new

- new GUI look
- new dialog-box windows, does not stop audio
- new NOTES you can save your notes in the project
- new tool bar quick functions access
- new HV_pad 2D nodes parameters interpolation
- add HV_pad jitter exploration
- add HV_pad in "reflects", "jitter" and "drunk" now you can interact with the pad
- HV_pad on/off monitor bar in main HV_Pad window
- MIDI/OSC add 14 bit precise Control Change I/O
- MIDI removed pitch bend in favor of 14 bit MIDI I/O
- MIDI/OSC new midi monitor, parse 7 and 14 bit control change and show detailed messages
- MIDI/OSC new OSC learn function
- MIDI/OSC you can append a prefix ID on the OSC Output address
- MIDI/OSC now OSC I/O send and receive automatically in the same address
- MIDI/OSC improved rescale range (old project are't compatible)
- MIDI/OSC now MidiRaw sends data for I/O sync
- MIDI/OSC MidiToggle integrated in MidiRaw
- MIDI/OSC new MIDI/OSC sync mode: mouse down, up, downup, continuous
- MIDI/OSC MidiRaw add input data mapping: incr, decr, incr/decr modes
- MIDI/OSC MIDI I/O disabled when CC = -1 (default)
- MIDI/OSC toggle switch now show correctly the value
- MIDI/OSC Osc input can be selected from a list of four elements
- MIDI/OSC new inverse mapping for MIDI/OSC I/O
- MIDI/OSC OSC void string bug fixed
- GSNAPS defaults all turnoff DSP
- new Parameters rescale, multiply/divide (/4 /2 x2 x3 x4)
- new GUI faders relative/absolute mousing mode switch
- panning now update correctly value when you select manual
- panning removed auto update knob when automatic or random
- WAVEPAD tools shortcuts (F1, F2, F3, F4) enabled
- LIVE/Sample button switch
- snap-seq add global transport enable/disable trigger
- MIXER native FILTER 24 band equalizer for each channel and Master
- MIXER native reverb for each channel and Master
- MIXER native compressor for each channel and Master
- MIXER rebuild solo/mute system
- MIXER add solo/mute fade in/out time
- FILTER add filters types select
- FILTER add cutoff, gain and Q/S fine controller
- FILTER dry/wet knob
- FILTER dynamic filter allocation, until 24
- FILTER auto generate filter bands: Harmonic, Geometric, Scalar and Fibonacci
- FILTER frequency zoom in/out
- new Record Master/Multichannel, now save file/folder patch in project
- Record Master/Multichannel new GUI lock
- New detailed user manual online
- WAVEPADS load files, unsupported files does't overwrite path bug fixed
- WAVEPAD scrub, normalized in the MIDI/OSC params
- WAVEPAD newscan mode wrap/mirror/once
- WAVEPAD new out-of-range mode: loop
- WAVEPAD out-of-range mode: none (now can be disabled)
- WAVEPAD SR Size Rescale bug fixed, now you can load and play correctly any sound file
- LIVE input dirty buffer bug fixed when change channel
- LIVE input channels moved into mixer
- SNAP-SEQ step jump bug fixed
- SNAP-SEQ add portamento transition
- SNAP-SEQ some gui adjustments

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