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Demolition Physics Lite is a great simulation game for the Mac.
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Demolition Physics Lite is a great simulation game for the Mac. In this game you can explore what different types of explosions do to a couple of brick walls and some rag dolls that are either sitting on top of them or laying on them.
The game puts the characters on a platform in space, and it lets you change some of the settings of the environment. For example, you can carry out the simulations using real time or you can slow it down considerably. You can also disable gravity. When you do this, every object on the platform will start floating around, and you will be able to see how objects react differently to explosions when there is no gravity. After each detonation you can reset the environment and start again.
You can change the angle of the camera with your mouse and zoom in and out, but you can also use a locked camera. You change the explosion types by clicking on the "Explosion type" button on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Each type shows a picture of what it looks like. The explosions are all different, and the star of the show is a thermonuclear explosion. You can set it off anywhere on the platform and the shockwave will send anything on the platform flying in space.
This is a demo version of the full version game, which can also be downloaded from the Mac App Store. The full version lets you edit the levels and change the environment.

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