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Deluxe Spider is a nice Spider Solitaire game for the Mac.
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Deluxe Spider is a nice Spider Solitaire game for the Mac. There are two versions available: one for older Macs and another one for current-gen Macs. It is nice that some developers still support older Macs. Solitaire Spider is a very challenging and fun variant of Solitaire. It comes with every Windows 7 computer, and some people are very addicted to it. In this game, you have to create groups of cards that go from the K to the A and then put them away. When you complete the required number of groups you win. You are given a certain number of cards and when you can't make any moves, you have to ask for new cards. The game sounds really easy, but in practice, it can get very challenging.

From the Options menu, you can choose the difficulty and change some gameplay settings. The difficulty is established by how many suits of cards you are playing with. By default, you play with one. Playing with 4 makes the game really challenging. In fact, I don't think I have ever won using 4 suits.

The graphics are OK. The game is playable and smooth, but I still like the Windows version better. At $14.95, this game isn't cheap per se. Thankfully, there is a trial version that you can download to try the game and then decide whether you would like to purchase it.

José Fernández
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  • It plays smoothly
  • Customizable


  • A little expensive
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