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A very enjoyable Free Cell game that will help you kill some free time.
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A lot of people prefer to spend their free time playing some simple and relaxing card games such as Solitaire or Free Cell. Deluxe Free Cell tries to offer its users a better environment where they can play their favorite game.

While the gameplay itself may not be so different than the one in other software of the same kind, Deluxe Free Cell provides you with a lot of extra features that make it more appealing. The first positive thing that I noticed is the fact that the game offers a complete list of the game rules along with many useful tips and hints.

The design itself is not very spectacular, but it's still pretty good considering the fact that with this kind of games there isn't a lot of wiggle room. The appearance of the game can be completely customized and adapted to your style and preferences. The available options will allow you to select the background that you desire, the type of deck that you want to use and the color of the highlights.

Although Deluxe Free Cell offers a lot of advantages such as the possibility to undo any of your actions, the ability to see all the available plays or the option to view detailed player statics, it has a major drawback in the fact that you can not save your current game, so if you get interrupted you will have to start a new game.

In the end, I'm not sure that I would actually buy this product, as the gameplay itself isn't that different from any other similar (free) program, but if Free Cell is really your hobby, then the amount of options that Deluxe Free Cell provides might just make the game worth it.

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Sean O'reilly
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  • Provides users with a list of rules
  • Keeps detailed statistics on your game play
  • Allows you to customize its appearance


  • Doesn't allow you to save the game that you are currently playing


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