Delta Riddle

Delta Riddle 1.0

Delta Riddle is an entertaining puzzle game created for Mac.

Delta Riddle is a puzzle game developed for Mac where your goal is to eliminate all triangles from the board. You can remove puzzle pieces from the screen by clicking over groups of tiles showing the same color shade. The less moves you make, the higher your final score gets.

This app gives you access to 25 challenges, each with a different triangle pieces arrangement. However, the game rules are available only at the beginning of the first level and nowhere else, like homepage or main menu of the app.

Delta Riddle provides you with options to undo or reset triangle arrangement and offers you various power-ups (for instance, tiles that explode and eliminate the triangles around them). Plus, it automatically saves your gameplay progress each time you complete a challenge.

However, the app comes with many flaws. For instance, I didn't like the fact that you can play only 25 levels: it is a small amount of challenges. Also, you cannot create multiple player accounts. If you wish to start a new game, the saved progress is lost.

Another disadvantage is that if you toggle fullscreen mode, you won't be able to shut down the app unless you hit the Command+Option+Esc keys (force quit). Also, nothing happens when hitting the Command+Tab keys.

Delta Riddle is a freeware program and you can try it while you're on a break from work.

Ashley Griggs
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Review summary


  • You can undo moves
  • Offers you an option to reset pieces arrangement
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Free


  • Brings a small amount of challenges
  • Unable to create multiple-player profiles
  • Unable to shut down the app or access other programs when running in full-screen mode
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