Dekryptionite 1.0

Application used to decrypt your already encrypted documents.
1.0 (See all)

Is an application used to decrypt your already encrypted documents. For example, if a user sends you a file, which is already encrypted by Enkryptionite, you can easily access it through Dekryptionite.
Dekryptionite has two main functionalities: Decrypting and Shred
As you get the encrypted file on your phone, you press “ Decrypt” and the file turns to a readable mode through entering the password that the other user has already given it to you.
Shred Functionality
It allows you to delete without recovery, this functionality is kept activated to ensure a secure data environment.

As Enkryptionite provides you with the most reliable solution that guarantees the security of your personal documents, Dekryptionite helps you share your confidential data with another user in a total security without any possibility of theft or hacking.
Dekryptionite is an easy to use application that is free and available on iTunes Store.

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