Defender's Quest

Defender's Quest 0.8

A simple game in which you need to place defenders on the map.
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Defender's Quest is a very simple game in which you will need to place defenders strategically on the map to protect the female character, Azra, who cannot move, from the evil monsters. As you advance in the game, you will move from location to location fighting battles. You can control your defender by improving his powers using the female psi (a sort of power). There are also spells, which you can use to defeat certain enemies who come from different directions, where you did not put a defender. If the enemies reach Azra you may lose vitality and you can continue playing. The game is over when the enemies deplete Azra's energy.
As you advance, you will have more defenders to use, who will have different powers, so you should use them to attack specific enemies. The enemies also produce different levels of harm. The game is also packed with dialogues between the characters which guide you throughout the game, and help you know what to do. Sadly, the game offers very simple graphics and sounds, and suitable, but repetitive music.
To conclude, if you like strategy games, you may want to try Defender's Quest. However, you may find similar better games for the same money or just a few bucks.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Nice dialogues


  • Only one mode
  • Simple graphics and sounds
  • Repetitive music
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