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Deep Predator is a fun arcade game for Mac computers.
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Deep Predator is a simple arcade game for Mac that takes you into an underwater adventure filled with dozens of challenges. Your goal is to manoeuvre a submarine from point to point through mines and under siege areas and complete the designated tasks before you run out of time.

The app lets you choose from a wide range of submarine models and upgrade them with the coins earned during the missions. The more mines, ice blocks or other ships you destroy with your torpedoes, the more upgrades you can make to your vessel.

The good thing about Deep Predator is that, if your ship gets damaged (collide with mines or torpedoes), you can repair it by simply rising to the surface. However, staying too long above the water is also risky due to enemy planes attacks.

The game brings some disadvantages as well: you can't adjust the sound volume (only disable/enable the audio) and play in fullscreen mode.

To conclude, Deep Predator is a fun arcade game that provides you with numerous challenging missions. The app automatically saves your game progress, brings you dozens of customizations for your submarine, and comes with no price tag.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Brings dozens of challenging missions
  • You get to choose from various submarines and upgrades
  • Automatically saves game progress


  • Unable to adjust sound volume (only enable and disable)
  • Unable to play the game in fullscreen mode
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