Decoder 4.0

Decode and enable the playback of media files.
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Broadcast video content live to different mobile devices by decoding the unique or rare format and creating a recognizable signal. Access Wi-Fi and USB networks streaming the content, select the available resolution, the standard being 320X240p, and automatically process the data.

Decoder is shareware designed to decode files that have been converted to a different format so that they can be more easily downloaded or e-mailed. Decoder will decode the following formats:
AppleSingle, BinHex, MacBinary(versions I, II, and III), UUencoded, MIME (base64, etc), yEnc, ZIP, GZ, TAR, Tarball (TARed then GZipped.

Just drag and drop the encoded files onto the Decoder application icon and Decoder can detect the encoding scheme and decode accordingly.

Decoder is particular strong at decoding MIME files from e-mail. Decoder can convert a MIME file into an HTML version of the message, complete with links, inline images, and font styles. In addition, Decoder can recover data from e-mail messages that have been corrupted by an e-mail server or client. Decoder fully supports Macintosh meta-information such as icons, resource forks, comments, etc.

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